Spatial study and drawings.

Interior design.

Tailored styling and decoration.

Bespoke interior finishes.

Sustainable sourced materials.

Renovations and refurbishments.

Project and craftspeople management at competitive costs.

Project coordination on B2B projects.

Our Services

Our aspiration is to propose a more sustainable environment while keeping design and beauty. We are approachable, friendly and bring solutions to your needs, style and budget.

Our services can be “à la carte” or for an entire project. If you are struggling with your project and need help at any stage, we step in and help you through the process.

We work for several sectors (Private Clients, Architects, Interior Designers, Real Estate, Offices, Events…).


Decoration is an essential phase to award beauty to your space.

Styling is about sharing ideas, ways of living, comfortable needs… our work is to translate this into a tailored project.

For us one word is meaningful, simplicity, as it gives sense to a sustainable approach, with projects that go through time with style.

We work with brands, craftsmen and providers that have a large sustainable offer, to create an ideal atmosphere with a taste for detail.

Whether you are a private client or a professional we step in at the stage when it comes to styling.


If you are planning to sell your property, we are experienced in home staging to upgrade its look to catch the eye of the buyer. This service consist of decluttering, depersonalising, refurbishing and giving harmony on the whole.

We usually propose this service at 0.5 to 2.5% of the cost of your property in order to make it as attractive as possible for a quick sell!

We also fully decorate show homes and offices for new build developments, working with Real Estate Companies in the Léman region.


Additionally, we respond with a quality renovation and refurbishment service for projects that go beyond interior styling to keep uniformity and style.

Each project (flooring, bathroom/kitchen, extension, old house renovations….) is tailored individually from concept to completion, provided with a wide range of noble and sustainable materials.


If your dream is to own or invest in a holiday property in Empordà (Costa Brava, Spain), we offer a full Real Estate service along with construction or renovation management.

It can all be done with us without stress nor speaking any Spanish until the last detail.

For London or Biarritz please contact me.


Empordà (Costa Brava, Spain)

Renovation of a townhouse in a lovely typical complex in Empordà (Costa Brava, Spain). This house hadn’t been renovated since decades, we put electricity to norms, changed some walls, add heating and A/C, renovated bathrooms and kitchen and the final decoration is in progress, more photos soon. We have renovated the house having in mind private use and for seasonal rental purposes.




Geneva (Switzerland)

Creation of 2 new bedrooms for a family with pre-teen twins who have asked us to transform their baby rooms into 2 new concepts. The 2 girls have quite a different taste in style, one asked for a romantic bedroom and the other for a Harley Davidson style bedroom. After listening to their comments, we created a concept, a decoration mood-board and a few 3D images to see if the style was in line with them. The next step is the finishing of the project followed by the choice of paint and wallpapers, the refurbishment and the furnishing.