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Empordà (Costa Brava, Spain)

Renovation of a townhouse in a lovely typical complex in Empordà (Costa Brava, Spain). This house hadn’t been renovated since decades, we put electricity to norms, changed some walls, add heating and A/C, renovated bathrooms and kitchen and the final decoration is in progress, more photos soon. We have renovated the house having in mind private use and for seasonal rental purposes.




Geneva (Switzerland)

Creation of 2 new bedrooms for a family with pre-teen twins who have asked us to transform their baby rooms into 2 new concepts. The 2 girls have quite a different taste in style, one asked for a romantic bedroom and the other for a Harley Davidson style bedroom. After listening to their comments, we created a concept, a decoration mood-board and a few 3D images to see if the style was in line with them. The next step is the finishing of the project followed by the choice of paint and wallpapers, the refurbishment and the furnishing.